We're all prone to having episodes of shame and utter hilarity - or humiliation - at any random moment in our lives. 

With the internet documenting all and any silly situations, we are bound to be reminded of how jovial life is. Egyptians have experienced the awkward and the hilarious... all from behind a blueish screen. 

These 15 posts might remind you of yourself or someone you know:

1. On friend requests

When boys send friend requests to Alaa, thinking the one receiving the request is a beautiful girl and their wife-to-be.... but end up sending it to a dude with the same name. 

2. On those constantly complaining about the evil eye

"You're paranoid, habibi. No one is envying you!"

How many times has that same "friend" complained about life on social media?

3. On amazing internet speed

Can you imagine how it's like? Especially when your phone or laptop plays dead every time you're in a hurry to finish work or anything of value.

4. On relationship status

"Facebook: Congratulate your brother, he is in a relationship 

Facebook Friends: HAHAHAHAHA 

Facebook: I guess they don't believe you, bro!"

Millennials will find this relatable more than anyone one else.

5. On over the top self-confident dudes

So a girl is liking all of this guy's posts because he's funny and she's genuinely amused by them.

But nooo, she's now in love with him for showing constant interest in his posts. That's what we call "boys' logic." 

6. On remembering the good ol'days

"When you have this friend who's known you for years and all they say is 'remember when...' and you reply 'and do you remember when...' and then you spill all your secrets."

They just like to share everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly... online.

7. On these days' priorities

"I don't know why, but whenever someone sends me important screenshots, I only pay attention to their phone's battery percentage."

8. On confessing love through texting

"Boy: Did you finish eating? 

Girl: Did You finish eating? 

Boy: Are you done yet?

Girl: Are you done yet?

Boy: Are you copying me? 

Girl: Are you copying me? 

Boy: I love you

Girl: Yes I finished eating." 

9. On selfies with your BFF

"The friend you love the most is the only one you can't take a good photo with."

How will you show the web who's your best friend if not by uploading a photo in which you both equally look beautiful?

10. On ignoring messages

"I wish I could stop waking up in the middle of the night only to see new messages and notifications without replying to them and going back to sleep." 

11. On censorship... AKA parents following you on social media

"-Ok guys, we'll meet tonight to study and drink red wine in honor of us failing the exams.

-Let's be clear that red wine means tea because we're not alone here."  

12. On selfies with guys

The second you are born with female genitals, you are forbidden from posting photos with guys... unless he's your future husband. 

And if you dare make it your profile picture, your inbox will be bombarded with cousins congratulating you and family elders throwing an interrogation party. 

13. On holiday greeting posts

It's Eid El Fitr and you feel like wishing everyone a Eid Mubarak... ha ha, think again. 

Your entire family and contact list will wish you happiness, which is sweet of them, and then get right into the "3a2belak/ik" even if you don't care about getting married.

14. On restriction towards memes with political messages

Source: YouTube

Hmmm, better stay safe and share football memes. 

15. On the ultimate weirdness of the internet

Source: facebook.com

Need we say more