Give or take the political instability and economic crisis, Egypt stands as tall as its pyramids. 

People love visiting Umm El Donya (Mother of the World) and they have all the reasons to do so. If Hollywood stars do it, so can you... 

Okay, let's rephrase that: if celebrities enjoy the beauty of Egypt out of all countries, you should give it a try too. 

Arabs on twitter shared what Egypt means to them with the hashtag: 

مصر_تشتهر_بي# (Egypt is famous for).

Here are some of the best tweets on this thread:

1. Scenery beyond the sandy desert

Egypt's every tile and road has a history. From sky blue beaches to ancient monuments, vacationers of every taste will find a thing or two to make their trip memorable.  

2. "One House of Fatwa, yet we have 100 million Muftis."

By muftis, we don't just mean the religious ones, but almost everyone who just loves to pontificate. 

Egyptians are well known for claiming expertise in everything. Starting with telling you not to go to a doctor and just take two tablets of Rivo instead, to giving you *false* directions to your destination because how dare we not know?! 

3. Strong hardworking women

 "Hats off to every strong mother who works hard to support her family."

4. Badly misleading GPS

Because Egypt and GPS simply don't mix. 

You can always ask for your way around... just kidding, use a real map and read signs. 

5. Adel Imam, of course

The renowned Egyptian comedian never fails to make millions of Arabs laugh.

6. A flourishing film industry

Especially when it comes to Ismail Yassine's comedy. 

The 1940s all the way to the 1960s are considered the golden age of the Egyptian film industry.

7. Chewing gum as currency

In Egypt, vendors use chewing gum to solve the eternal problem of lack of change.

8. Tough love

It's totally normal to hear parents say something along the lines of, "Slam your head against the first wall you see" when you don't agree with their decisions. 

9. Egypt is a little bit of everything

"Egypt is famous for kindness and smiles as well as fraud and scam." 

We like to go from 0 to 100 real, real quick. 

10. Food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food...

Falafel - or much to everyone's annoyance, green burgers - has a different taste in Egypt, especially in Cairo. Remember to ask for our extra hot and spicy falafel.

11. Sugar cane juice

No one says no to sugar cane juice. No one.

12. Umm Kulthum

Decades after Umm Kulthum's death, the timeless songs of the renowned singer are still played and admired by many fans till this day. 

13. A 'special' kind of grammar

Our colloquial Arabic can be linguistically confusing yet sometimes hilarious; it's widely understood across most of the Arab world anyway. Or so we hope.

14. This look

This creepy look on Egyptian actor Hamdy El Wazeer's face has become a popular meme. Familiarize yourselves. 

15. The genuine Arab hospitality

With all its ups and downs, Egypt can't but be known for its people's generosity and hospitality.