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If you thought Arabs couldn't make a meme from a 1996 episode of Dexter's Laboratory, you were wrong.

The episode going viral is one in which Dexter can be heard saying "Omelette du Fromage" in a French accent, prompting a female character to tell him: 

"I love your accent, say it again" ... which in turn pushes Dexter to say the phrase again.

Recently, Arab Twitter began parodying the episode, changing the protagonist's line to include various Arabic phrases, mispronounced words, and the like.

This led to the birth of the hilarious "I Love Your Arabic Accent" meme. 

1. On mispronouncing "Starbucks"

2. On not being able to say the letter "P"

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5. On flirting in Arabic

6. On singing in Arabic

7. On burgers and borgars

8. On dyslexic frappuccinos?

9. On trying to speak French ... in Arabic?

10. On McDonald's being butchered

11. On shutting up

12. On American passports

13. On electricity problems

14. On baking essentials

15. On apps and snaps