Pictures can tell you about the glories of the past and they can tell you about the beauty of the present. They can also tell you about the wonders in our world that you just have to see in real life.

After looking through the wonders of the Egyptian jewels of the Nile Luxor and Aswan and the jewel of the Mediterranean Alexandria, these are 14 photos that will have you dying to visit Sinai's top beach destination, Sharm El-Sheikh.

1. Where the sand is golden and the Red Sea is quiet

The Red Sea is known for its distinguished tranquility and golden sands.

2. Where pool and sky meet and blur

If there's one thing Sharm El-Sheikh does not lack, it's the presence of luxurious pools.

3. Where Tiran Island is just a boat-ride away

Tiran Island, one of the Red Sea's top diving destinations is just off the coast of Sharm El-Sheikh.

4. Where it's OK to lie on a hammock all day

Sleeping on hammocks is an acceptable day activity in Sharm El-Sheikh.

5. Where water sports are more important than football

There are plenty of activities to do in the water other than diving and snorkeling.

6. Where sunset boat rides are substitutes for sunset walks

A sunset boat ride will always beat sunset stroll.

7. Where the mountainous desert offers excellent adventures

Day and night safari desert trips are not to be missed.

8. Where the sunset looks different on every bay

The sunset looks beautiful from every point on the coast from Na'ama Bay all the way to Nabq Bay.

9. Where beach rocks can be explored

Exploring the rocks and tiny caves on the beach can be an adventure in itself.

10. Where you can take photos with tiny statues in Soho Square

There are enough inviting statues in Sharm El-Sheikh's Soho Square to make a whole narrative album.

11. Where the sky looks perfect clear and cloudy

Clear skies are beautiful and so are cloudy ones.

12. Where palm trees are substitutes for skyscrapers

Palm trees are the perfect vacation greeting.

13. Where the waters are rich and clear

Beautiful coral reefs greet beach goers the minute their feet are in the clear waters.

14. Where birds are friendly guests at the table

Friendly birds can make great company for a morning cup of coffee.