The Egyptian Religious Endowment Ministry is allowing imams to mingle and swim with tourists in an attempt to boost tourism in the country following the the Russian plane crash in the Sinai Peninsula that killed 224 people.

The announcement came as a shock as it is highly frowned upon for imams, or practicing Muslims, to vacation at the resorts, mainly because of the attire that most women wear.

The controversial decision came just days after Russian authorities announced that all flights to Egypt were suspended until cause of the crash was uncovered.

It remains unclear as to how imams walking around and mingling with tourists will help the collapsing tourism industry in the country, leaving many confused and unsure of what exactly to expect. Furthermore, the Ministry of Religious Endowment has yet to reveal a comprehensive plan on how religious figures will boost tourism.

This marks the last efforts made by Egyptian authorities to face the blow that hit the tourism industry, following President Abdel-Fatah Al Sisi's surprise visit to Sharm El Sheikh, during which he declared the city was safe.

Vacationers in Sharm El Sheikh, especially Russian and UK nationals, have also joined in and took over social media outlets to state that they are safe in Egypt, urging others to come visit. Despite emerging hashtags, videos, and other public posts, countries around the world put further restrictions on traveling to Egypt, stating that "all but essential" travel is advised against.