Yes, permanent tattoos are all the rage nowadays... you've probably seen a couple and have them saved in your phone's gallery.

But how many times did a photo involving henna tickle your fancy? 

Many of the designs you find online can feel repetitive and boring, but you'd be surprised at how seriously and magnificently people are taking their art.

Here are 14 henna designs you'll want painted on you right now:

1. This breathtaking floral recreation

2. This full-on hand charm

3. This detailed perfection

4. This intricate shoulder coverup

5. This masterpiece that probably took hours

6. This daredevil who went with red

7. This leafy piece of art

8. This queen of darkness

9. This design that took a long turn

10. This girl who won't be needing a manicure for a while

11. This almost 3D design

12. This lace-up in all the right ways

13. These semi-permanent handcuffs

14. And finally, this gorgeous surprise