Everyone is used to seeing Arab politicians or royal leaders in their usual official meetings or on the news. 

But in recent years, social media gave them another platform to communicate through and to say that they've been using it to connect with the public would truly be an understatement. 

From videos to selfies, Arab leaders have latched on to every social media trend and they've gone viral for it time and again. 

Here are a few of their selfies that took social media by storm: 

1. Bin Salman's desert selfie

Last year, people visiting the kingdom's Al-Ula mountains spotted Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman casually touring the archaeological sites in Medina. 

And of course, they weren't about to forgo the perfect opportunity to snap a selfie with him. 

Their images with MBS went viral shortly after they started making the rounds on social media. 

2. Hariri's Saudi royals selfie

If there's one thing Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri is known for, it's his love for selfies. 

One of his most popular ones is a selfie with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman, and his brother Khaled bin Salman, taken during a trip he made to Riyadh earlier this year. 

3. Lebanon's prime minister at it again with this one

Never one to miss an opportunity to take a selfie, Hariri recently snapped this viral image with Morocco's King Mohammed VI and Saudi Arabia's MBS during a recent trip to Paris. 

4. Hariri's obsession with selfies is real

If you thought Hariri only took one selfie during his recent trip to Paris, think again. 

The prime minister also tweeted this image with French President Emmanuel Macron and MBS, captioning it "no comment." 

Naturally, it also went viral. 

5. The selfie of Morocco's king with a few of his fans

This photo of Morocco's King Mohammed VI and a few of his fans was taken on a Parisian street in 2016. It caused quite the meltdown on social media at the time. 

6. King Salman casually selfies with his nephew

Saudi Arabia's King Salman went viral all over social media after this selfie of him with his nephew, Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz, was uploaded to Twitter. 

7. Al Sisi's viral economic conference selfie

Source: El Balad

During Egypt's 2015 Economic Conference, Al Sisi invited some of those who helped organize the event to come on stage as he made a speech. 

Some of them then asked if they could snap a selfie with him... and the moment went completely viral. 

8. Kuwait's Sheikh Jaber posed for a selfie like no other

Last year, Kuwait's Emir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah won people's hearts on social media after he met with Ghanem Al Moftah, a Qatari child with special needs. 

During the meeting, Al Moftah asked the ruler if he can take a selfie with him and the moment was captured in a video that went viral shortly after. 

9. Jordan's royal family sure knows its way around selfies...

Jordan's royal family members aren't strangers to going viral on social media and that's partly due to some pretty cool selfies. 

One of them is an image captured by the country's Crown Prince, Hussain bin Abdullah, and features him along with his parents. 

10. The coolest royal selfies belong to them...

Queen Rania of Jordan's royal selfies are always right on point. They include this picture of her and her daughters. 

The image was posted on Instagram back in 2015 and took social media by storm. 

11. Tunisia's president also has his share of selfie moments

Source: Mateur News

This viral selfie was captured by French President Emmanuel Macron during a recent trip to Tunisia. 

It shows him standing right next to Tunisia's President Beji Caed Essibsi. 

12. So does the ruler of Dubai

Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashed Al Maktoum, is the reigning king of social media and is known for his openness to pose for selfies. 

He even photobombed a video selfie when he spotted a woman using her mobile phone camera to film as he passed by. 

13. Dubai's crown prince is also known for his selfies

Sheikh Hamdan's selfies are probably the coolest out there. 

The adventurous, nature loving royal is known for capturing images of his travels, adventures, and of course, his family life. This Eid selfie proves just that. 

14. The one that tops them all...

Sheikh Hamdan won over the internet with the viral selfie he captured atop Dubai's Burj Khalifa.