It's a known fact that Arabs know how to have some fun, especially on the inter-webs.

Their online humor just comes naturally - from their trolling skills to meme creation. Things weren't so different throughout 2018, which saw a number of hilarious Arab memes go viral. 

Here are a few of them:

1. This Neymar meme

2. This "I love your Arabic accent" meme

The most epic of them all.  

3. This Arab "don't say it, don't say it" meme

Part of yet another meme trend that took over the Arab world. 

4. This right on point meme

"No one helps me out in this house."

5. This viral Mo Salah meme

6. This "expanding brain" meme

7. This Arab Cardi B meme

8. This Egyptian Kiki challenge meme

9. This Lebanese royal wedding meme

10. This Arab Ellen Degeneres laughing-crying meme

11. The meme that sums up Lebanese electricity

12. The meme about complicated Arab family ties

13. This reality-slap meme

14. This on point meme