Source: YouTube

This month, actor, comedian, and rapper Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) released a new single titled "This Is America" ... which took the world by storm.

It was the music video in particular that turned heads. Its heavy criticism of gun violence in America was among the many topics tackled in the epic performance. 

The video has amassed over 180 million views on YouTube at the time of writing. Unsurprisingly, Arabs pitched in their own versions ... by adding Arabic background music to the performance. 

And to say they're on-point is an understatement. 

1. "This is Gany"

2. "This is issalamo3aleko"

3. "Nari Nari"

4. "Palestinian Arabic Style"

5. SpongeBob in Arabic? Yes

6. In case you're looking for Arabic subtitles...

Watch the original version below: