Being on a budget and having a passion for travel is one of the biggest struggles of every person who has just started out their career, or pretty much anybody. If you know how to play around and do proper research, you won't ever dread the situation ever again. Here are 10 ways to guarantee cheaper airfare for your next flight out:

1.Check ticket prices on all websites

Websites like Expedia have marketed themselves in a way that make you believe they offer the cheapest prices. Don't fall for it though. Search ticket prices on various websites, including your preferred airlines' website. Sometimes direct booking is the answer.

2. Browse for prices on different devices

Websites offer different rates depending on the platform you're browsing on, whether mobile or desktop or Windows or Mac. Make sure to browse on various devices to guarantee you got the best deal out there.

3. Be flexible with your dates

Ticket prices play around from day to day. Using websites like Kayak or apps like Hopper will definitely help you find the cheapest ticket on a specific day.

4. Set an alert

Use tools like Airfarewatchdog  to scan prices for you. All you have to do is choose your destination and the amount you're willing to pay. Easy as 1,2,3.

5. Don't book on the weekends

It's known that the worst possible time to book a ticket is on the weekend. Ticket fares usually go up on Friday and go back down on either Monday or Tuesday. I would suggest a test-browsing period to see which day offers the cheapest prices to your destination. I'm betting it's Wednesday.

6. Clear your cache prior to browsing the Internet

Websites usually offer different prices depending on your search history and cookies. Be smart and clear your cache prior to browsing the the Internet for tickets.

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If you don't want to lose your computer history...

7. Browse using 'incognito window'

Avoid looking for bookings in an open window. Always choose private browsing.

8. Search multiple airports, not just big cities

You may have to make multiple stops instead of a direct flight, but trust me you'll save some money that you could spend freely during your trip.

9. Choose to travel off-season

Choose destinations that are on your list but aren't on other people's list. For example, while everyone is trying to escape the cold in winter, opt for a cold destination. Make sure it's not during Christmas, too.

10. Play the website

Use a VPN to change your location and trick websites that offer deals based on IP address. Try different countries and see which gives you the best airfare. Learn how to do this on Windows  or Mac .