It's World Cup season yet again, and cafes around the Arab world are jammed with countless football fans. 

You might like watching the games at home or with the whole neighborhood at your around-the-corner shisha place, and that's up to you, really.

But you will, unavoidably, be surrounded by the following 10 types of football fanatics.  

1. The low-key troll

Source: Banat Masr

They're the one quietly watching the game, showing no sign of support to either teams.

Until the match ends, their team wins, and everyone around them falls victim of their endless trolling and teasing.

2. The drama queen

Regardless of the result, they will cry their heart out. 

3. The one who wants to murder the commentator


To be fair, Arab commentators are more like screaming storytellers. 

4. The memes generator

They're witty, funny, and fast social media posters and memes creators. 

5. The big mouth (AKA the balla3a)

Their swear words dictionary is beyond your imagination and they won't hesitate to use every single one they know when the match is on. 

6. The know-it-all

They believe they understand better than the players, coach, and referees... and of course, they yell instructions no-one can hear or even cares about. 

7. The supportive partner

They might know nothing about football nor care less about who wins or loses, they know their partner's team by color and that's the one they will root for. 

8. The pessimist

They will always, always expect the worst before the start of any game.

9. The one supporting the wrong team

The whole cafe is with Egypt, and everyone in it and in its parameters better be with Egypt... yet one person confusingly parties when the opponent scores. *Awkward*

10. The one who's too serious

Brief tips to surviving watching a game with this type: 

  1. Stay quiet 
  2. Never ask them questions
  3. Never argue or comment or tease them
  4. Never pass in front of the TV as they watch
  5. Basically, play dead and only congratulate them if their team wins