For many people around the world, traveling is one of the most life-altering and mind-broadening experiences. 

When Egyptians get to travel, however - and there are hundreds of thousands that do so every year - they can't go unnoticed. 

Here are 10 different types of Egyptian travelers you will bump into abroad: 

1. Sorry, no speak Arabic

Source: weheartit

They soon forget their Arabic "in hope of strengthening their English".

Good luck understanding a word they utter. 

2. When in Rome, do as the Romans do ... or so much more if possible


Some Egyptian travelers act as if God only exists in Egypt, so one-night-stands and alcohol become the new favorite pastime when abroad.  

They go back home insisting on marrying a virgin and lecturing their sisters about how inappropriate it is for Egyptian women to travel alone. 

No double standards or hypocrisy here ... not at all.

3. "I'm an Egyptian Pharaoh and all women want me!"

Yes, you're irresistible and all women would die for you ... except they wouldn't.

4. The one who keeps cursing in Arabic as if no-one else understands the language

You'd think no-one would speak Arabic abroad ... you'd naively think so.

5. The one who can't wait to see a fellow Egyptian

Surprise bear hug!

6. The patriots who lose their cool if someone says they've never heard of Egypt

Okay... calm down. Egypt is still alive and well.

7. The ones who act as if they have never seen a woman before

Say hello to some hilariously amusing moments of embarrassment... 

8. El-Gada3

Gada3, someone with gallantry and chivalry instilled in them, is a rare quality to find. 

Meeting someone with such virtues while traveling is a relief because they will always have your back and offer their help. 

9. The bad language tutor

You're completing your shopping tour in the market, getting some chocolate and souvenirs for your friends... and then this happens... 

You kindly get invited to check out some goods in a shop by a foreigner who seems to have difficulties speaking Arabic, but they do it anyway because they recognize you're an Arab. 

They then throw some swear words at you without any of you noticing. Unsurprisingly, you're a bit puzzled until they point at the person who has taught them those bad words... a fellow Egyptian-looking individual... of course.

10. The racist

They're Egyptians and they know it, but for some reason decide to either ignore or deny this fact. 

They treat fellow Egyptian expats like they're inferior to them. Matter of fact, they treat most people as if they were peasants... being only nice and helpful to foreigners from wealthier countries.