Ramadan is upon us and that means, among other things, many Muslims will spend the minimal amount of energy they have left to debunk misconceptions surrounding the holy month.

Jokes aside, we really don't mind introducing others to our culture and religion. But truth be told, the questions sometimes get a tad too ridiculous and we can't help but burst out laughing ... that is, after letting out a long hopeless sigh and the occasional face-palm.

Here are 10 times people just didn't understand Ramadan and cracked us up:

1. When this poor guy thought he has to spit out his saliva all day long

2. When this gal implied we turn into savages

3. Newsflash: Maintaining good hygiene is actually a religious duty

4. When this one thought we are banned from vital bodily functions

5. When this guy suggested that we get cheat days

6. "Can't you just cheat ... like just don't tell Allah"

7. When this one thought we fast for 30 days straight

8. When this guy proved he needs a Religion 101 course

9. When you consider avoiding chitchats

10. When clearing your feed comes before clearing your mind