Our parents didn't just give us life, but they also happen to be the most caring and loving people when it comes to our well-being and future. 

Here are 7 things only Arab parents do that helps them get ahead of the parenting game...

1. Encouraging you to study either medicine or engineering

Because other fields of study are too mainstream or lack prestige, Arab parents tend to influence their children to excel in their academics during their high school days with the hope of them becoming either doctors or engineers.

2. Emotionally extorting you if you do not attend family dinners

Source: slate.com

Family dinners can be extremely uncomfortable and boring but when it comes to Arab families, family dinners are mandatory to attend.

In case you somehow successfully convince your family that your presence is not important and that you have something more important to do, you will get emotionally extorted until the next planned family dinner...

3. Constantly reminding you of your family heritage and traditions

When was the last time you sat in the living room along with your family members and did not hear a sentence that starts with "when I was your age…"? 

While your parents merely mean to share with you their childhood memories and how their generation is unquestionably better than yours, somehow they always manage to give you a heritage lesson that follows...

4. Using a wet cloth to cure your fever

Arab scholars were one of the first who successfully extracted medicine from herbs and yet the ultimate cure for fever according to Arab parents remains to be the magical wet cloth. 

Lukewarm and cool wraps definitely do the magic and decrease the fever, yet there are many medications that can do the same job and even better. Can someone please tell our parents that?

5. Avoiding pets because they're "unclean"

Despite the fact that certain religions consider some pets unclean and unsuitable for domestic life, most parents never base their fear on any rational explanation. 

Arabic mothers will usually respond with a firm "no" to the question "Mom, can I get a puppy as a pet?". Do not try asking for a reason because nothing they will say will make sense anyway...

6. Talking to you about marriage right after you graduate from college

Brace yourselves... I am sure that everyone with Arab parents has been there or eventually will be. 

Right after you graduate from college, you will most definitely hear your parents, and more likely your mother, tell you that they cannot wait till you get married...