It isn't exceptional to find wallflowers hiding among boisterous societies and families - or what we like to call them; Arab communities.

If you're an Arab and happen to be shy and mildly or extremely introverted, we feel your pain of having to deal with anyone in the region.

Here are 10 struggles shy Arabs can't but relate to.

1. On endless compliments

One simple question can result in a myriad of compliments.

- Introvert: How do I look?

- Arabs: Zay el amar (like the moon,) betgannin (mind-blowing,) 3arousa (as beautiful as a bride)" and so on...

2. On opening up

For shy Arabs, there's one specific nightmare they dread reaching one day... arranged marriages. 

Imagine how hard it is opening up to people to begin with... so what could happen when you're suddenly confronted with a potential partner and their parents?

3. On family forests... and their gatherings

Can you imagine how many cheeks to kiss, hands to shake, and minds to converse Arabs have in their families? 

4. On family phone calls

Say hello to blushing and stammering. 

5. On dancing at weddings

"I suggest that whoever is too shy to dance at weddings to hire stunt doubles to dance at their own wedding to save them the embarrassment." 

6. On common Arabic names

This is for all the ones named Mohammad, Ahmad, Ali, Omar, Alaa', Sarah, Yasmin, and so on...

It happens, it's no big deal, you have a common name like a huge number of people in your neighborhood. 

You answer strangers' calls when you hear your name, but they didn't mean to call you... well, where do you hide now?

7. On awkward parents' interrogations

Arab moms, specifically Egyptians, don't quite understand the word "privacy" sometimes. 

This is especially true when any of their kids get married. They call or knock on their doors the first morning following the wedding night just to ask one question: How was it?

How do you reply? Can one flee their own home?

8. On first period

Why do Arab mothers feel the need to call every family member to announce their daughters got their period is still beyond us.

9. On confusing you with being arrogant

It's not like you do it on purpose, but your face shows no excitement when it comes to meeting people... and the Arab hospitality makes it hard not to meet any.  

10. On party invites

It's that simple...