There's a number of statements almost the entirety of Lebanon's population says on a daily basis... and a few others you can bet a million dollars a sane Lebanese would never utter.

We deal with corruption, waste, and basically a non-existent government, so everyone is in for a ride... every day... for the rest of our lives.

Putting to good use our sarcasm, here are 10 things you'll never hear anyone say in Lebanon:

1. "Chrab men mayyit l 7anafyeh" = Drink tap water

The cleanest, purest water is found right here. Get a glass and taste the difference. 

2. "Maken fi 3aj2a el soboh" = There was no traffic this morning

"My commute at 9 am took me exactly 7 minutes," said no one ever. 

3. "L internet rahibeh addeh sari3a" = Our internet connection is so fast

We all hate traveling because the internet sucks outside Lebanon. 

4. "5allineh ousal abkar bi 10 minutes" = I'll arrive 10 minutes early just in case

I don't want to disturb anyone and make them reschedule their entire day by arriving 30 minutes late. 

5. "Ma eleh bl siyeseh" = I don't understand politics

No one ever has an opinion when it comes to the history and politics of this country. 

6. "Kenit sari3a l 3amalyeh bl Amen el Aam" = I didn't wait a single minute at General Security

I walked in, did all my paper work at one counter in a matter of minutes, and left. 

Now wouldn't that be the dream? 

7. "Deyman befrouz zbelteh" = Sorting out the trash is relieving

Dividing plastic, glass, cardboard, and paper relieves my anxiety and stress and makes me feel like a productive member of society. 

8. "Bsoff b3id w bemcheh" = I'll park my car a bit far instead of handing it to the valet

Because it is an unspoken fact that parking your own car is like publicly confessing to the world that you're struggling financially. 

9. "Mafi shawarma bhal balad" = We don't have enough shawarma parlors

Does anybody know where I can find good shawarma here? 

10. "Andaf ba7er 3enna" = This is the cleanest beach water I've ever been to

Definitely worth the $50 entrance to access a beach that's supposed to be public.