Tourism starts in one's own country. Egyptians love visiting Alexandria for holidays and vacations. 

Its crystal clear beaches, the great amount of good food, history as a metropolitan city, and of course, lively spirit, make up what is a colorful touristic city for people from all over the world. 

People of Cairo, in specific, seem to have a special attachment and interest in Alexandria. 

Here are 10 reasons why: 

1. School trips

Students in Cairo grew up learning and studying Alexandria's history along with its strategic roles in past wars. 

This is why many of them choose to visit Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Citadel of Qaitbay for a closer look at history.

2. Childhood summer vacations

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Long before trips to the north coast and trendy resorts in Almaza Bay and Sinai's Dahab became a thing, Cairenes' ideal summer vacations took place in Al-Montazah or Al-Agamy.   

3. Alexandria's winters

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Simply put, there's no other place a Cairene would rather spend time in than Alexandria in December. 

4. Food

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Food options in Alexandria are endless. The city is definitely special to foodies' hearts. 

All your cravings will be satisfied, whether it's seafood from Balbaa, mighty cheese plates from Alban Swisra, or just some kick-ass Foul and Taameya from Foul Mohamed Ahmed

5. Food with a view

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Brilliant food is one thing, brilliant food with an incredible view is something else. 

A meal by the sea at Alexandria's Greek Club surely deserved its place on our list. 

6. The Corniche

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A walk down Alexandria's well-loved Corniche at sunset is a feast for the soul and eyes. 

Families all together, groups of friends and shy couples are seen strolling along the Corniche.

7. Influence of TV and music

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Can you guess that song? As avid TV watchers and cassette tapes addicts, Cairenes probably have every song about Alexandria memorized by heart.  

8. Ice-cream shops

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''Ice-cream fi December...Ice-cream fi Gleem.'' 

A trip to Alexandria is not the same until you get your scoop from Saber, Azza, or Makram.

9. Al-Raml Station

Metropolitan Alexandria has marvelous architecture and century old cafes and restaurants, which are owned by descendants of Alexandria's Greek and Italian communities. 

10. The Tram

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Need we say more?