George and Amal Clooney
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American Hollywood star George Clooney has revealed the inspiration behind the names of his 12-week-old twins with international lawyer Amal Alamuddin - and we're a bit disappointed.

Considering Alamuddin's Lebanese heritage and Hollywood stars' typical obsession with unique names, we were low-key hoping for some distinctive names. Perhaps ones inspired by the rich Arabic language which makes for names that not only sound good but have beautiful meanings.

Instead, the power couple went for common names, Alex and Ella. 

But, to be fair, the decision was driven by parental love, as Clooney recently explained that they decided that "normal names" would benefit their kids on the long run.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the Venice Film Festival, Clooney explained that he and Alamuddin decided to choose unremarkable names to spare their twins extra speculation, as they did not want them to have "really dumb names" (Do Apple and North ring a bell?).

"We figured these kids are going to be looked at a lot and watched and [have their] every move sort of judged, and we wanted them to at least have a break with the names," he said.

He went on to say, "So we looked for some sort of normal names. We didn't have any great inspiration. It wasn't Alexander the Great and Ella Fitzgerald."

Clooney also revealed that the twins are already exhibiting different personalities. 

The Oscar winner described his baby boy as a "thug," adding, "He's a moose! Literally, he just sits and he eats." 

Meanwhile, according to Clooney, "[Ella] is very elegant, and all eyes. She looks like Amal, thank God." 

The couple had announced that they were expecting twins in February 2017, over two years after tying the knot in September 2014.

So, how is the Hollywood star adjusting to fatherhood?

"I really didn’t think at 56 that I would be the parent of twins. Don’t make plans. You always have to just enjoy the ride," he said, according to the Huffington Post

"Suddenly, you’re responsible for other people, which is terrifying."