Elections are a big deal everywhere around the world... and Lebanon surely isn't an exception. 

From this handsome engineer running for parliament and making women drool to the never-ending slogans and signs, the event taking place on May 6th has easily become the talk of the town. 

Here are 10 of the best jokes about the upcoming 2018 elections in Lebanon: 

1. When watching the elderly becomes your favorite hobby

2. When memes are the best explanation

3. When this is the only promise you really need

4. When you don't need to see a dietician anymore

5. When this is the best idea you've heard in a while

"I wish they'd postpone the elections till after Ramadan, maybe the candidates will prepare iftar for us everyday and even do the dishes."

6. When you have the power of eye to protect you

7. When there's a whole list of candidates over 80-years-old

8. When you accidentally get married to a candidate

9. When you get your priorities in order

10. When you feel like you've seen that name somewhere..