Saudi Arabi's Almarai is the largest dairy and poultry company in the Middle East, so you've probably eaten quite a few of their products.

Below are 10 important facts about this company.

1. Founded in 1977

Prince Sultan Ben Saoud founded Almarai Company for the production of dairy and poultry in Riyadh 39 years ago.

In 2005, the company’s management made it a joint stock company.

2. Large number of employees

The number of employees in Almarai company increased to around 38,300 from just 5,638 11 years ago.

3. Diversified products since 2005

The company introduced new sectors of production such as the juice sector and the long-term dairy and butters sector in 2005.

These new products became about 34 percent of the firm's total products.

Although 90 percent of sales were dairy products before, but such products do not exceed the 66 perent now due to the success of the company in diversifying.

4.  Acquisition of Western bakeries in 2007

Almarai entered the sector of bakeries production as it obtained the company L’Usine for Western bakeries.

Almarai established in the same year a common project with Chipita, the Greek company, and Al Alyan Investment Company for the production of food.

5. Obtaining the international quality certification in 2008

The company obtained the international quality certification “ISO 22000” in the domain of agricultural crops 8 years ago.

6. The production of poultry - 2009

This company started producing poultry in 2009 after it acquired the Hail Agriculture Development Company and HADCO Company.

In the same year, Almarai entered the juice sector as it partnered with the global giant Pepsi Co.

7. Possessing farms in Argentina since 2011

In 2011, Almarai became the owner of Fondomonte, which owns 3 farms in Argentina, as it wanted to provide food for its animals, for $83 million.

Also, the company established United Farmers, which then acquired the Continental Farmers Group.

8. Boycott of Almarai poultry in 2012

A number of Saudi citizens inaugurated a campaign for boycotting Almarai poultry due to the increase in prices four years ago.

Almarai replied stating that the increase in prices was due to the increase in the cost of production, but the Saudi ministry of trade and industry forced the company to lower its prices.

9. Market share in the Gulf

The market share of Almarai Company for dairy products in 2014 was 44 percent in the GCC.

10. Market value of $12 billion in 2015

almarai qeema sooqia

At the end of 2014, the value of the market share of Almarai increased to $12.2 billion.

This article was originally posted in Arabic on YallaFeed .