Popular regional crowdfunding platform Zoomaal has launched the #BringBackArabCreativity fundraising campaign to "transform the Arab world into a hub for innovation," according to the website .

Zoomaal hopes to garner a large group of supporters that will commit to contributing $5 or more per month to support individuals raising funds through its website. The particular amount was chosen not only because it is relatively small but also because it compares to the average price of a shisha, which is reportedly smoked regularly by one out of three people in the Arab world.

"Meanwhile, 87% of innovative projects shaping the future of our community struggle with financial difficulties, most of which end up failing. Contributing the price of only one shisha a month could transform the Arab world into a hub for innovation," the campaign's website says.

Pointing out that the entire population hovers around 350 million, the campaign asks what if all of those people "gave the price of 1 Shisha = $5/month, to support Arab innovation?"

However, Zoomaal is not asking contributors to give blindly. Instead they are giving funders the option to choose the country, the category of project and the amount that will be contribute each month, suggesting at least $5. Contributors will also benefit by receiving unspecified monthly rewards and also updates on funded projects.

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The funds raised provided through this particularly campaign will be used to create a fund to supplement the ongoing funding of projects on Zoomaal's site. It will allow projects to benefit from matched funding, so when a random project supporter gives $5 dollars, it will instead become $10.

This funding method works to ensure that dedicated Arab innovators are benefitting from contributions, doubles the impact of financial support and validates the quality of a project. With the addition of this funding, Zoomaal will continue to grow the more than $1.3 million the site has allowed projects to raise in just two years, boasting 101 successful projects and more than 500 jobs created, 76 percent of which are held by women.

To learn more visit Zoomaal's website or the webpage created specifically for the campaign.