Egyptians just love using proverbs in everyday speech. Translating Egyptian proverbs can literally be hilarious ... but illustrating them? That just takes the cake. 

Here are a few Egyptian proverbs as illustrated by various artists. 

1. El Erd Fi Ein Omo Ghazal القرد في عين أمه غزال

Literal translation: The monkey is as beautiful as a gazelle in its mother’s eyes. 

Real meaning: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  

2. Bagry ala eyali ya beh بجري على عيالي يا بيه

Literal Translation: I'm running over my children, sir.

Real meaning: I'm working hard to raise my children and put food on the table.

3. Bashem ala dahr eedi بشم على ظهر إيدي

Literal Translation: I'm sniffing on the back on my hand. 

Real meaning: I can predict the future and know the unseen.  

4. Al ain fala'et el hagar العين فلقت الحجر

Literal translation: The stone was split by the eye.

Real meaning: The evil eye and envy can split stones. 

P.S: Egyptian aunties really believe this!

5. El Hetan laha wedan الحيطان لها ودان

Literal translation: The walls have ears. 

Real meaning: There is always someone who is spying or willing to reveal other people's secrets.  

6. Enta ma'andaksh reehet el dam انت معندكش ريحة الدم

Literal translation: You don't even have the smell of blood. 

Real meaning: You are so ill mannered and rude.  

7. E'leb el edra ala fomaha, tetla' el bint le omaha إقلب القدرة علة فمها تطلع البنت لأمها

Literal translation: Flip over the pot, the girl will go up to her mother.

Real meaning: Daughters always look up to their moms and resemble them.

8. Fe El wesh meraya, we fe el afa sallaya! في الوش مرايه و في القفا سلايه

Literal translation: To my face, the person is a mirror. Behind my back they are a spike.

Real meaning: Obviously, this is about backstabbers. 

9. Weshaha fe el ard min el kosoof وشها في الأرض من الكسوف

Literal translation: Her face is on the ground out of shyness. 

Real meaning: Her sense of shyness compels her to lower her gaze.  

10. Kollak Nazar! كلك نظر

Literal Translation : You're all eyesight.

Real Meaning: You're so thoughtful.