Ever wondered what the most popular Facebook pages in Egypt are? A quick look at the fastest growing pages provides insight into the country's online community. 

What do Egyptians care about? What do they like? 

We've got the list, keep on reading to find out.

1. Mustafa Hosny - 29,669,045 Likes

Mustafa Hosny
Mustafa Hosny on AlNahar tv Source: Mustafa Hosny page, Facebook

Mustafa Hosny is an Islamic preacher and the current host of the show Fakar (Think), which airs on AlNahar channel. His page is currently the most popular Facebook page in Egypt. 

2. Amr Khaled - 26,337,519 Likes

The second most popular page in Egypt is also all about religion. 

Amr Khaled, who is known for his down-to-earth story-telling approach to religion, is particularly liked by the youth.

3. Habebaty Magazine (Magalet Habibty) - 24,458,155 Likes

Coming in at number 3 is Habebaty Magazine, a page that targets Egyptian women. 

The page is all about inspiration, whether fashion related, religious or romantic. 

"Love is not only a collection of beautiful words, but a string of unforgettable moments," an image post taken from the page reads.

4. Words From the Heart (Kalam Min ElAlb) - 23,780,682 Likes

Coming it at number 4 is Kalam Min Elalb, a page that communicates with its followers almost exclusively through text-on-image posts. 

As its name indicates, its content centers on love and romance. But that's not all. It also offers religious reminders and odd articles about anything and everything. 

"Love is like war, if you do not intend to fight or risk everything for it, do not engage at all," an image post taken from the page reads.

5. Women of Heaven (Nessa Elgana) - 21,796,212 Likes

Yet another woman-targeted page, the 5th most popular Facebook in Egypt is Nessa Elgana.

Similar to the previous two, it mainly focuses on religion. Clearly Egyptian women have two things on their minds, God and romance (and a lot of free time to spend on Facebook).

The above image, which was taken from the page reads: "Purify your intentions and God will purify your situation... Wish well unto others and goodness will come to you from where you least expect it."

6. MBC Egypt (MBC Masr) - 19,227,951 Likes

This MBC Masr page is the online outreach page linked to the popular MBC Masr television channel. It provides info on the latest TV shows, trending news and short clips from its channel. 

7. Tamer Hosny - 18,735,703 Likes

Tamer Hosny
Egyptian Heart-throb Tamer Hosny's official FB page takes 7th place Source: Tamer Hosny Page, Facebook

Tamer Hosny's Facebook page --a popular singer in Egypt-- takes the 7th spot. 

8. Oyoon News (Shabaket Oyoon Elakhbareyya) -17,344,769 Likes

Oyoon News
Oyoon News Takes 8th place Source: Oyoon News Page, Facebook

This page publishes general news related to the Middle East. Although it only offers news, the page made it to the top 10 list of the most popular Facebook pages in Egypt.

9. Culture (Thaqafah) - 16,646,125 Likes

Thaqafah takes 9th place Source: Thaqafah page, Facebook

Think of this page as the more gender neutral version of pages 3, 4, and 5 with a hike in generic clickbait articles. Claiming to be the "beacon of elevated minds," it is nothing of the sort. 

10. Amr Diab - 16,564,989 Likes

Amr Diab
Amr Diab, last place on the list- bust first place in our hearts Source: Amr Diab Official Page, Facebook

The ever youthful Amr Diab wraps up the list with the 10th most popular Facebook page in Egypt. This official page does as expected. It posts Amr Diab related news, music videos and photos.