What we can all agree on is that the kids of this generation missed out on a lot of raw fun and human interaction in the wilderness of the streets.

With tech gadgets like their smartphones and tablets, young ones nowadays believe true fun comes from a game application on a small screen.

As advanced technology wasn't a thing back in the 90s, Jordanian kids experienced everything on a larger physical scale and were inventive when it came to entertainment.

Here are 10 games Jordanian 90s kids will remember:

1. Gloul

Similar to golf, minus the fancy equipment, Gloul (marble balls) were all a Jordanian kid needed to have fun. 

Gather your friends, make a hole in the dirt, and score as many marbles as you can.

2. Komestair

Source: Almqal

This one resembles the all-time favorite "Hide and Seek," but with a little challenge. In order to win, you have to go to the place where the person is counting as fast as you can and say "komestair!"

The cycle repeats with every friend you’re playing with!

3. The elastic game

Source: Be a Fun Mum

This game includes two people tying a rubber band around their feet and a third player jumping over it.

Add a little challenge by including tricks to the jumps or increasing the height of the band.

4. Hajleh

This is the Arabic version of "Hopscotch." Simply pick up colored chalk and draw squares on the floor, number them, and let the fun begin.

5. Slingshot

Made with a wooden branch and a rubber band or two, kids could easily make this at home and play right away.

Grab a rock, hold it in the rubber band, aim, and let go. The target was the highest tree branches to scare off birds.

6. Freeze

Grab a couple of friends and play catch... but nothing is made better without a twist to it.

When someone is trying to catch you, just say "freeze" to make yourself and the one who caught you stand still. You can’t move till someone from your team goes under your legs to free you.

7. Telephone Ma2too3

This game required focus and concentration. We would sit in a circle in the garden or playground, and one person would say a simple word. 

As the word gets whispered along to each one in the circle till the last person hears it, the question would be "Is the first word similar to the last?"

The more people in the circle, the more interesting it gets! It got even more challenging as we grew older and words got longer and trickier.

8. Ta2, Ta2, Ta2iyeh

Source: Flickr

The Arabic version of "Duck, Duck, Goose," where players would sit in a circle with eyes closed as one would stand up with a hat in hand, going around the circle saying "Ta2" as they pass by each person.

The one who hears "Ta2iyeh" (hat) as they’re tapped with the hat, gets up to catch the runner before they take their spot. If they don’t catch them, the person chosen as "Ta2iyeh" does the tapping and picks their next target.

9. Water balloon fights

This was the game of all summers and it was played outdoors, whether or not there was a pool.

This game is pretty much self-explanatory; two teams, or no team at all, with buckets of water balloons as ammunition. Throw the water-filled balloons at one another and enjoy the refreshing loss or win - it never mattered.

10. Water gun fights

It was played all summer along with water balloons, two games that would never get old.

Water guns came in all shapes, colors, and sizes. This time, teams would be formed... but it was still hard to keep track because of all the fun we were having.