In a recent hashtag that has gone viral on Twitter, Arabs are sharing their most disliked social norms and traditions in the region. 

The hashtag عاده_اجتماعيه_لاتحبها# (Social norm you don't like) is gathering thousands of Arabs, who are tweeting their frustration with customs they find unnecessary and dispensable.

Read on to see what Arabs had to say:  

Most people didn't know with what to start...

A few could go without family gatherings...

... and the annoying questions that come during

"Early marriage"

"The formalities that won't allow me to finish my dessert while at people's"

Or the opposite

"If I don't eat my whole plate, people start saying 'you didn't eat or drink.' Sometimes I just don't feel like eating."

The evil eye

"People are extremely scared of the evil eye. We should have a stronger faith in God than in the evil eye."

The awkwardness

Social media ruining young generations

Racism was mentioned

Women are not slaves

"Male guardianship"

When the first born isn't a boy

Criticizing women becomes a hobby for Arab men

"Domestic abuse"

Lack of privacy


Many tweeps dislike all norms

With no exceptions

To a point they couldn't remember one tradition they like

"You have no right to judge others"

Segregation in public places

Yet, some tweeps had nothing to diss