The political situation in Egypt may be extremely sensitive, but this hasn't stopped some officials from mixing comedy into their unbelievable statements. These statements have overshadowed the actual news with their funny nature. Here are some of the most prominent hilarious statements said by Egyptian officials.

1. The art of torture: The death of a young Italian was "non-Egyptian" method

اللواء/ أبوبكر عبد الكريم - المتحدث باسم وزارة الداخلية:أسلوب مقتل الشاب الإيطالى ليس أسلوب الأمن المصرى إطلاقاً#القاهرة_اليوم

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry denied that the torture of Italian student Giulio Regeni, who was recently killed in Egypt, was done the "Egyptian way."

That may be true ... the Egyptian security forces methods include: "choking on rolling paper" and "a sharp fall in blood pressure."

2. Hidden prosperity: Economic growth in Egypt is better than in the United States

The minister of trade said that Egypt achieved higher economic growth rates than the United States. Yes, we are growing, only downwards...

3. Egypt's development: Closed roads reduce car accidents

This is a modern statement from the president of the Roads and Transportation Authority, blaming drivers for accidents, and based on the statement, it is also necessary to replace paving machines with crushing machines such as those in quarries.

4. Divine intervention: If Israel hits us with rockets, the rockets will go back to them

The governor of Suez has decided to tell us that the air around Egypt defends it more that its people, and that Israel would not be able to target us due to northwestern winds. I just hope Libya doesn't fight us, or our rockets will come back to us!

5. Infrastructure: When it rains, streets get wet

This is what the governor of Cairo said last year to justify the streets flooding. It would've been better if he had just sent a delegation to fix the clogged drains.

6. Touristic attraction: we're going to close the hole you're worried about

This is how the tourism  minister tried to reassure British tourists after the Russian plane crash. But so far, there is no confirmed news about the hole-filling the minister was talking about.

7. Democracy is alive and well: No arrests in Egypt

Last year, the Interior Ministry spokesman confirmed that Egypt had no cases of detention. He should have also denied the existence of any prisons in the country.

8. Malnutrition: Shaimaa Al Sabbagh died because of how skinny she was

The official forensic medic in Egypt said that political activist Shaimaa Al Sabbagh died because her body could not bear the cartridge shots fired by the police. Perhaps the police should have brought her a meal of kebab before the demonstration.

9. Children's dreams: Distributing bonbons to protesters

This is a statement said by Ahmed Shafik, the first prime minister after the revolution, to contain the "rebels." Maybe Shafik thought that he was addressing children, and he didn't realize that we grew up and want chocolate now...

10. Careful handling by security forces: The police used bullets that "sting"

This is how the minister of higher education justified the intervention of security forces against the student protests in 2013. Maybe the security was using queen bees instead of cartridges.