Earlier this week, Merriam-Webster announced that 1,000 words and definitions were added to its online edition including words like "binge-watch" and "photobomb."

While we think that's great and all, we feel a little left out. The update should have included a few Arabic words in our opinion, especially in light of increasing discrimination and rising Islamophobia

This is why, we decided to pitch in a few of our own. 

But, that's not the only reason. 

The English speaking world is missing out on some essential Arabic words that don't have an English equivalent. 

So without further ado, here are a few pitches. 

1. Sa7ah

No, this word is not the equivalent of "God Bless You"; that's used for sneezes. Sa7ah, a word that denotes health (lest it escape you), is said in the immediate aftermath of a cough.  

And, since Americans cough too, they deserve this word. 

2. Na3iman

What do Americans say after someone gets a haircut, finishes their shower, get their eyebrows done? 


Na3iman is an essential part of our everyday lives. I mean who wouldn't want to be congratulated on their hygiene? 

3. To2borny

Wondering how to use it in a sentence? 

Son/Daughter: I'm feeling really sick today

Mother: To2borny/To2obreeny (I love you so much/ May you bury me), which roughly means: "hope you feel better."

Yes, #ArabLove can be intense sometimes. 

4. Yalla

5. Smallah

6. Bitwafir/Bitwafri

Wondering how to use it in a sentence? 

Person A: Khalas I've got the bill today. 

Person B: No, you're not paying for me *high pitch voice, crazy look*

Person A: Chill out. Just go ahead and pay it yourself. Bitwafri.  

7. Sahtein

8. 3a2belik

9. Tayeb

10. Shatafa