When Zayn Malik took some time off of The One Direction tour last week, there was still hope that Zayn would rejoin the band in time for their Dubai debut.

Following the emergence of incriminating photos of Zayn with an unknown girl in Thailand, the singer had taken time off One Direction's international tour last week to spend time with his fiancee and rest. He said he was sick of the spotlight. And also probably the incriminating photos.

But, in a terrible stroke of luck, it seems Dubai will never get to see Zayn perform. Ever. Because Zayn has officially left the band.

We know, we are crushed too. As is a lot of Twitter, as #AlwaysInOurHeartsZayn is the top most trending item on the social media platform.

After the news of Zayn leaving the band broke, Harry Styles, who is One Direction's other frontman, in addition to being Taylor Swift's ex-beau, cried on stage. In his top bun.

It is unclear if he was crying happy tears for the support of his fans or sad tears because his BFF for lyfe is not in the band anymore.

Bottom line: it is a rough world out there for a pop boy band sensation. We can totally relate Harry. And the whole Middle East is sad they will never get to see Zayn.