Canadian YouTube sensation and comedian Lilly Singh, also famously known as Superwoman on YouTube, has been selling out venues across the world with her debut world tour “A Trip to Unicorn Island,” and now she’s coming to the Middle East for the first time ever.

Performing in Dubai’s Music Hall on June 13, her 8 p.m. show has already sold out, leading Singh to announce on social media that she is adding another show at the same venue on the same day at 1 p.m.

Cue the collective: YES!

Garnering 5.8 million subscribers and more than 700 million views on YouTube in less than five years, the 26-year-old’s success has truly taken the Internet world by storm.

Not only is she a versatile comedian who produces skits and hilariously honest standup comedy-style rants about everyday life, she also produces music, motivational speeches and plays her own characters in her videos. There's something for everyone to enjoy on her channel.

Really though.

“I think you can expect to see my channel come to life firstly, so everything you love on my channel, whether it’s the comedy, the inspiration, the parent characters, that’s all going to come to the stage, but I think for the first time my audience can see something they’ve not seen before, which is me putting on a theatrical production with a strong message behind it,” Singh told the the AU Review in May, describing her hour and 40 minute variety show.

The comedian who champions positivity, the power of one love and consistently refers to her “happy place” which she calls “Unicorn Island,” wanted to bring her powerful message to the stage, to take her fans, who she calls “unicorns,” on a trip to her beloved “Unicorn Island.”

Singh discovered this magical place within her after she overcame depression and decided that she wanted to inspire people to find their own havens. This want to inspire strongly motivated her to start her YouTube career.

“My tour is going to be about reminding people that life is beautiful, that they are awesome, and that 'Unicorn Island' does exist,” said Singh in a promotional video for her tour.

Her content is incredibly relatable to young people. Her parent characters in particular definitely strike a chord with young people in the Middle East, due to the many similarities between the characteristics of her Indian parents and basically all Middle Eastern parents. The cultural and social resemblances are uncanny.

“I think why my content does so well with so many different types of people is because it speaks to everyone. I’ll make a Soca music reference, I’ll use a Tamil word, I’ll do a Jamaican Patois accent. I know about all these people and I’m not afraid to indulge in their culture,” Singh told the Toronto Sun in May.

The comedian started making YouTube videos after she got her psychology degree and realized that a 9-to-5 job was not her true calling in life.

That is one of the reasons she decided to take her online content to stages across the world, proving that online creators not only have millions of fans but also great influence.

“The idea is to show that digital talent can be at par with all the standards set by live entertainment across the world," explained Singh to the Huffington Post India in March.

Tickets can be bought at Singh's tour website