We're all very aware of the importance of ads during the Super Bowl in the United States. YouTube now wants to make Ramadan the Super Bowl of the region when it comes to advertisements.

The global video-sharing platform has announced the launch of The Lantern, a new award that will have brands competing with their advertisements during the holy month.

The Lantern award will be announced for the creative agency, media agency and the advertiser behind the advertisement.

The winner of the award will be determined based on engagement and views the ad will have received at the end of the holy month.

In the past couple years, there has been an increase in YouTube ads in the MENA region, especially during Ramadan, with brands putting the focus on generic themes relating to the holy month rather than on individual products.

In 2015, several regional brands saw success with YouTube as a platform for their ads.

Coca-Cola 's 2015 ad garnered more than 18 million views

Pepsi & Lays' 2015 ad garnered more than 3 million views

Al Marai 's 2015 ad garnered more than 9 million views

Zain 's 2015 ad garnered more than 9 million views