Christmas is an expensive holiday for most people - not the rich, obviously. 

If we take into consideration the consumerism lifestyle that's been reigning over societies as of late, we understand better why multinational corporations are getting bigger. 

Several local brands and shops are gaining attention in Lebanon ... so how about giving them a bigger push this year? 

Lebanon has a wide array of talented youngsters who are creating - in the most artistic, organic, and creative way - products that are of high quality and at good prices. 

If you're looking for affordable gifts - under $20 - and shopping locally, then this list will hopefully be of much help. 

1. Paintings of memories

Eclipse of Art is the account of young artist Rita Abou Nasr, who picked up her brushes and colors to paint people's memories on rounded canvases. 

From your favorite day with your travel buddy to the hidden refuge that keeps you calm, she will immortalize your best moments. 

Price: $14

2. Unconventional jewelry

Rings, earrings, and bookmarks ... 

Persona is the creation of Sara Sleem and Laluna Chabbani, two young designers who let their dream jewelries take shape.

Prices: $10-$15-$20

3. WittyLittleThings

Luana El Turk is a mother of two with a tendency to draw the cutest, wittiest, and most relevant designs the Lebanese youth has witnessed. 

She prints on mugs, hoodies, iPhone covers, baby clothes and bibs, and so much more. 

Either complete a gift with a tiny gadget like a magnet or keychain, or compile a couple of things to make the perfect gift with Luanatic's best products. 

Prices: $9 mugs, $20 placemats, $18 wood posters, $4 magnets ...

4. Kitchenware and homeware

If you know someone who's obsessed with unique pieces to complete their kitchenware collection or like to decorate their home with funky gadgets, then Kitchenrule's is definitely the place to visit. 

Prices: $5 and up. 

5. Handmade comfort

All is handmade, all is comfortable. 

From scented soap bars, fluffy cushions, to soft scarves and baby clothes, Mellow makes you feel at home, a very cozy home. 

Prices: $20 and up.

6. Healthy sweets

For the sweet tooth in your life who's always munching on cookies, brownies, chocolate truffles, or anything else that is sugary ... opt for edible gifts for them. 

Aya Dabbous came up with Nosh as a healthy alternative for the constant snacking. 

Prices: $3-$14

7. Homemade peanut butter

How can peanut butter or hazelnut spread be a gift? Well, you go tell those who have a spoonful of peanut butter in their mouth and could swear by it. 

Sisters Maha and Rayane Mrad made it affordable and healthy to own a couple of jars of these magical spreads at home ... and it's called Sugar n' Spice, how fitting and nice.  

Prices: $3-$12 

8. Organic soap

With the rise of the "organic" and "vegan" trends, look for the affordable products that are being made locally. 

With all shapes and scents, Majida Kalo creates organic, handmade soaps for all occasions, under the name of Pink Leaves

Prices: $7-$14

9. Vintage clothes

For the unorthodox friends or relatives who in no way conform to society and its fashion style, Depot Vente has all the vintage outfits you've seen being all the rage back in the 70s. 

Prices: $2 and up.

10. Books

How can anyone go wrong with books? Think of the bookworms you know and make them happy this season with new or used books. 

Visit Halabi Bookshop or Book Bazar - or any other library, really - and indulge in the world of words. 

Price: $5 and up.