There are a million tricks to find the best deals for your next flight. It's hard to keep track of everything when you're itching to click buy and start planning out your next glorious adventure.

But there's one crazy easy thing you can do, and potentially save yourself big bucks for little effort. Search for your flights in "Incognito mode" in your browser, and change your country settings. How much can it save you? We tested it, and found a $100 price difference on one search.

We searched two popular travel portals, and, and tried three searches on each site, setting our location differently each time.


For Kayak, we searched for a flight from Dubai to Los Angeles, and checked the US, the UAE and the Canadian versions of Kayak. Kayak is a bit easier to use this technique on, since it allows you to set location and currency separately – saving you from having to do the conversion yourself.

StepFeed found that while all three sites returned the same flight results, the UAE site was $100 higher than the Canadian or US portals.

Canadian site
Kayak's Canadian site.
UAE site
Kayak's UAE site.
US site
Kayak's US site.


For Expedia, the flight was from Doha to Kuala Lumpur, and we checked the Australian, US and Indian versions of the site. The price difference was not as drastic – but the search results were. The cheapest flights changed based on which location we selected.

Expedia's Australian site
Expedia's Australian site
Expedia's Indian site
Expedia's Indian site
Expedia's US site
Expedia's US site