Liverfuul, Egyptian street food, Mo Salah, Egyptian football fans
Source: Arab News

Mohamed Salah's effect on his Egyptian fans is so real that a group of them decided to name a street food truck after the football club Salah plays with. 

Mohammed Ibrahim Sayed - the genius who launched the business along with friends - brilliantly named it LiverFuul as a testament to Egypt's love for liver (kebdah) and fava bean (fuul). But, their obsession with Salah and Liverpool F.C. is pretty evident in the name as well. 

"We were thinking about a startup for Ramadan and we landed on the idea of a fuul cart, which many Egyptians visit for the suhoor meal," he said in a statement to Arab News.

"As for the name, (it had) to be different and, at the same time, relevant and trendy. Nothing was more trending than Liverpool FC in Egypt because of our Egyptian player Mohammed Salah. That's how we landed on LiverFuul," he added.

The truck's slogan is "You'll Never Eat Alone," which is a pun on Liverpool's tagline "You'll Never Walk Alone." 

The young men's creativity didn't stop there. The menu of LiverFuul is also quite unique as every dish is named after a Liverpool player. 

Customers can order "Wijnaldum falafel," named after Dutch footballer Georginio Wijnaldum, and "Origi beans," named after Belgian player Divock Origi. Defender Virgil van Dijk also has a dish named after him.

Following massive success, the owners of the Cairo-based food truck owners are now thinking of expanding to other cities in Egypt. In a video interview with El Dostor News, Sayed confirmed they already have two trucks running, and hope to see the project expand. 

"After the success we have found on the street and on social media platforms, we are thinking of expanding and thinking of more vehicles in different places in Cairo," Sayed said.

"The young people come from everywhere in Cairo, in addition to the people of the neighborhood," he added.

LiverFuul scored hard on social media

"Notice the beans pot in the logo"

Creativity level: Egyptian

"Everything in Egypt now is Liverpool & Mo Salah"

"Whoever did this is a genius"

"Fava beans and Mo Salah"