A lot has been said and written about "life after Dubai."  

So, taking a closer look, let’s talk about 6 perks you enjoy while living in Dubai that you'll definitely miss if you ever decide to leave and go back to your MENA country:  

1. The salary

Take your current Dubai salary and divide it by China’s GDP. 

That’s your estimated salary back home compared to the one you are making in Dubai. On the bright side, thanks to your years of experience in the emirates, you will most probably (and hopefully) receive a higher salary than the normal market rate.

2. The currency exchange rates

Yeah, that’s going to be a serious problem considering the challenging situation many MENA currencies face at the moment. You’ll have to manage your spending if you want to travel more. And you’ll have to learn to save-up for real this time!  

3. The living situation

Hmmm. So you’re Arab and the thought of telling your parents you’ll be renting on your own just scares the kaka out of you. Yup, you’ll be going back home to your parents. But that’s not so bad! Think of all the home cooked meals and how the laundry will be taken care of, aaaand ... a rent-free, bills-free life! We can hope at least.

4. All the people that make life easier

You'll miss the per/hour cleaner, the Uber Eats guy and the neat movers who help you move in and out. But you’ll get other equally important helpers, such as the multi-tasking doorman, the maid who is also a cook and the laundry guy who can also deliver cigarettes at 2 a.m.

5. No, you can't leave your bag unattended

The Dubai days of leaving your belongings carefree and coming back to them untouched are over! You’ll be watching your back more often, and you'll think twice before you leave your belongings unattended.

6. The squeaky-clean everything!

We bet your tires love rolling on the smooth highways of Dubai. And we bet you enjoy seeing everything so spotless and clean around you. Almost everything is clean there. 

And let’s be honest, you’d eat at Ravi’s in Dubai any day, but you’ll think twice before eating at its equivalent in your MENA country.