One of the most interesting things about growing up in Riyadh as an expat is that we tend to have a love\hate relationship with it.

At some point, you do get frustrated with how conservative it is but when you leave the country for good, you really start to miss it. You start reminiscing about everything and you realize that your life was so unique that only people who have lived there will understand how you feel.

1. You have friends from at least 10 different countries


2. You learn to appreciate rain


3. You fast in Ramadan at least once out of respect for your friends but in reality, you're like


4. You wear a fancy abaya because it’s just as important as wearing fancy clothes


5. You live in a compound or know somebody who does

6. You shop, shop and shop some more

7. You give directions to your friends by drawing maps

8. You learn how to speak Saudi fluently along with other Arabic dialects

9. You learn to differentiate between the Gulf dialects/accents

10. You have attempted to eat once with your hands. (Admit it, we’ve all done this or at least wanted to try it!)