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Leila, now showing at The Marquee Source: Facebook, Leila The Musical

Musical theater fans rejoice! The Egyptian Musical Theater Troupe is currently performing Leilaa live musical production, at The Marquee Theatre in Cairo Festival City. 

The show, which premiered on April 21, is set to conclude on May 21. So don't miss out!

Accompanied by the Nile Symphony Orchestra, Leila is a larger than life mix of drama, song and dance, and includes elements of a circus production, and live music that unconventionally fuses Arabic with rock music.

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The Cast of Leila Source: Facebook, Leila The Musical

Set in a once serene seaside town, the play follows the story of protagonist couple, Leila and Karim, over a day and a night. 

The storyline explores themes of love, magic, and envy, as the town is stricken with an evil spell cast by a witch that dwells in a lighthouse, and our star crossed lovers are forced to weather turbulent times in their relationship triggered by the envious townsfolk.

Here is what some people had to say after seeing the show:

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Musical productions in Egypt are rather far and few in between. Few years back, an Arabic adaptation of Les Miserables made headlines; and over a year ago, Fabrica, a musical theater group, had performed the Arab classic El Leila El Kebira الليلة الكبيرة.

Is Leila and Karim's love great enough to overcome their plight? That's for you to find out.