We all grew up listening to some songs we still remember word for word. These were our very own 90s anthems. 

Ready for some nostalgia? Here we go. 

1. Baba Fein

Don’t you dare lie and say this wasn’t your jam. Played at every birthday party and family gathering, toddler you aspired to be one of the cute kids dancing in the video clip! 

2. So Ya So

This Mohammad Mounir song was the hit back in the day! 

3. Heb Mama

My mother especially enjoyed this song when I misbehaved.

4. Omi Msafra

My mother is away and I’m throwing a party; the lyrics to this song say it all! 

5. Ana Katkout

This song's name is pretty self explanatory. My only commentary listening to it now is: awwwweeeeeeeeee!