UAE authorities issued an official directive banning Qatar's beIN Sports receivers and cards on Wednesday, Emirate's State News Agency (WAM) reported

Authorities also warned that any shop found selling or renewing subscriptions to the sports channels would be subject to fines.

In the past two days, both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain issued similar orders. 

On Monday, Saudi Arabia banned the import of beIN Sports receivers and stopped the sale and renewal of subscriptions. 

The country's General Commission for Audiovisual Media said it was acting out of “concern for the rights of its citizens and residents” without further elaborating. 

Bahrain issued similar directives on Tuesday.

The move comes amid the ongoing Qatari crisis and over a week after several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen severed diplomatic and transport ties with Doha. 

Last week the channel was blocked in all three countries

Prior to the most recent directive, users of beIN Sports in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain said the channel had been blocked since last week. 

Many also said they were unable to access the channel's website. 

However, officials in the three Gulf nations have stressed that all directives issued in relation to beIN Sports only affect future subscriptions and have no effect on current users.

BeIN Sports, is a spin-off of Al Jazeera, a Qatar state-funded television network. 

The sports media group has over 55 million pay-TV subscribers worldwide.