Miral Leisure, the company behind developing Yas Island 's leisure attractions, has signed a deal with SkyTran  – a NASA developed company – to transport island visitors via floating pods!

The floating pods will rely on magnetic fields instead of wheels.


"With our access to Nasa’s cutting-edge technology and expertise, we are able to introduce a solution on Yas Island which paves the way for Abu Dhabi to define the Middle East’s innovative mode of transport for the future," said Jerry Sanders, chief executive of SkyTran, according to The National .

The entire system is computer-controlled, making it easy to expand the network if needed and allowing more tracks and vehicles to be added.

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The system would “enable vehicles to travel at optimum speed and spacing in a safe and efficient manner."

It will be used to connect "current and future destinations" on Yas Island, ultimately linking to Abu Dhabi's airport!

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Mohamed Abdulla Al Zaabi, the chief executive of Miral, said: “While we continue to build world-class destinations and expand Yas Island, it is imperative that we are able to implement an urban transportation solution which is not only energy efficient but also adds another level of excitement to our visitors’ experiences," said Mohamed Abdulla Al Zaabi, chief executive of Miral Leisure.