Bryan Singer, director of the "X-Men" franchise and a big Superman buff, has decided to make the leap from superhero movies to super serious politically weighed documentary practically overnight, according to Variety .

The director-producer-writer has chosen to develop a documentary that would tackle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the point of view of "a dynamic Arab-Israeli activist."

What's better than enlisting a Palestinian director to help Singer usher this documentary into an honest, raw, view of the oppressive world that Arab-Israelis – as a minority – have to live through within the Jewish state, right?

Well, Singer didn't think so. Instead, he teamed up with Israeli director Yariv Horowitz, who had previously fabricated claims of being attacked in France by a "group of Arab youths" . While it's still unclear if Horowitz, who directed "Rock The Casbah" a Israeli drama about the First Intifada, will be directing Singer's documentary, Variety reported he was set to co-produce.

According to Variety, the doc, creatively titled "In the Middle of the Middle East," follows a young Arab-Israeli who tries to overcome hurdles in his private and political lives, hoping to "advance a workable solution for coexistence in the Middle East."

While the plot seems promising – if a tad overworked (" Ajami " 2009, " Would You Have Sex With An Arab? " 2011) – not having a Palestinian producer, writer, or director on the team could seriously turn the film into another one-sided portrayal of life in Israel.

We understand that Singer might not have (doubtful) the contacts needed to enlist a Palestinian filmmaker, but we know a number of them! Bryan, feel free to choose to work with any one of these brilliant directors, they're sure to add a distinctive, perhaps even more honest, adaptation to the plot.

1. Michel Khleifi

Khleifi is a veteran Palestinian filmmaker whose awards include the International Critics’ Prize at Cannes Film Festival, Golden Shell at San Sebastián International Film Festival and the André Cavens Award.

2. Hany Abu Assad

Abu Assad's films "Paradise Now" (2006) and "Omar" (2013) have both been nominated for an Academy Award and "Paradise Now" won a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film.

3. Ibtisam Mara'na

Mara'na is an Arab-Israeli documentary filmmaker and producer based in Jerusalem whose films tackle different issues within the Arab-Israeli community.

4. Laith al-Juneidi

Juneidi's documentary "The Invisible Policeman" (2003) follows Lieutenant Nidal as he balances between his professional and personal life. The documentary was an official selection for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Recently, Juneidi established a production house specializing in documentary and feature films .

5. Scandar Copti

This Palestinian filmmaker rose to fame after receiving acclaim for his directorial debut in "Ajami" in 2009. The film received the Camera d'Or Special Mention at the Cannes Film Festival and was also nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film category. He was previously president of the Human Rights Award in the Istanbul International film festival 2011.