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When it comes to the hijab, some men just can't keep their noses out of something that is clearly not their business. British-Muslim Islamic religious teacher, Abu Ibrahim, is one such example. 

Abu Ibrahim - who considers himself a 'ruqyah specialist' (specializing in the translation of the Quran) - blessed the world with his views on the hijab, explaining that women who choose not to wear the head covering, or wear it improperly, have the strength to attract jinns (genies). 

His views were shared on YouTube channel 'My Better Half' in 2015. But, the video resurfaced on Twitter this week, after @AishaMurtad shared it on the social media platform. 

In the episode, titled 'Sign & Symptoms of Magic, Jinn Possession, Eye EvilAbu Ibrahim says: 

"There are men who are going to look at you. But, at the same time, a jinn may fall in love with you."

Source: YouTube

"Jinn possesses people for three main reasons. Number one: out of love. Jinn falls in love with people," Abu Ibrahim says at the start of the video.

He doesn't stop there, offering an uncalled for explanation as to why and how women are the main targets of love generally. 

"There are men who are going to look at you. But, at the same time, a jinn may fall in love with you." 

How would that happen? 

"For example, you're leaving the house and you're not wearing the correct hijab [...] or you are wearing a lot of makeup and you've beautified yourself," he says. Because wearing makeup automatically guarantees you love, right?

People automatically turned it into a satirical discussion on Twitter

"This needs to be a romcom"

A "Western educated youth Mullah" they say ...

Valid points were raised: What about female jinns and their power over men?

"Don't you hate it when you leave the house without a hijab & a jinn falls madly in love with you?"

Sarcasm dominated the conversation

Wait, do showers block out jinns?

Abu Ibrahim's views are based on a fundamentalist interpretation of the Quran. 

But the question here is: Why can't Muslim women be left alone? Why does fear-mongering tend to be the preferred method used when encouraging modest wear and the covering of the head? 

Choosing to wear the hijab is a personal decision. Condescendingly preaching pros and cons will only fall on deaf ears. 

In many parts of the Muslim world, there exists an overwhelming stigma surrounding women who choose not to wear the veil or choose to take it off, years after putting it on. 

But, throughout the years, more women are publicly voicing their opinions, in an effort to change the narrative.