In an incident that shocked many in Egypt over the weekend, a hijabi was allegedly violently kicked out of a beach resort for wearing a burkini, the modest swimsuit that covers the entire body. 

Facebook user Sarah El Amry, who had witnessed the entire incident, shared a post about it on Sunday. 

In it, she expressed her outrage at how people reacted when they spotted a woman swimming in a burkini at Egypt's Hacienda Bay Resort. 

"A group of people forced her out of the beach and wanted to check the material of her burkini because they worried it was 'unhygienic,'" El Amry wrote

"Some of them even beat the woman's husband and her young son," she added. 

Soon after she shared it, El Amry's post went viral, with thousands taking to the platform to comment on the incident. 

People are outraged

"This is shameful."  

"Unacceptable and regressive"

Others think the story isn't true

"I was at the resort a while ago and there were several hijabis swimming there... I don't think this story is true." 

"I am a hijabi and I've never had a problem wearing a burkini at any resort"

Another side to the story?

While many were outraged at the way the unidentified hijabi was treated, others shared comments stating that there was more to the story. 

In their version of events, they said that the woman was kicked out of the beach because she was taking pictures of other women in bikinis. 

However, Facebook user Samia Abou Karam, who was also a witness to the incident refuted this version, reaffirming El Amry's story. 

She also added that regardless of whether people wanted to believe it or not, hijabis across Egypt and the Arab world often face discrimination at beaches and resorts. 

Abou Karam wasn't alone in confirming the incident

Facebook user Ahmad Mosa, who claimed that he works at the resort also confirmed El Amry's story.

Not an isolated incident

The most recent incident isn't the only one that has been shared on social media in recent months.

Over the Eid El-Fitr holiday, a Lebanese Muslim woman shared her own experience of being forced out of a beach resort for wearing a burkini. 

At the time, Noura Al Zaim expressed her outrage over the way she was treated at the Miramar Hotel Resort, which is located in Tripoli, a Muslim majority city. 

"I never imagined that someone could stop me from going to the beach in Tripoli because of my hijab," she wrote

She also added that it was a shame to have such a bigoted and regressive mentality in Lebanon. 

Designed to help Muslim women enjoy the beach without compromising their modest dress code, the burkini has stirred controversy over the past few months. 

Last year, several towns in France decided to ban full-body swimsuits. 

However, the country's highest administrative court later ruled that the "burkini ban" is illegal and a violation of fundamental liberties.