The very first rains of the year have started in Lebanon, meaning one thing: Winter is coming.


Of course, winter in Lebanon means several different things, some positive and some not so positive. Here is a quick and handy guide to surviving those long rainy days.

1. Buy the perfect umbrella

If you want to fit in, you better head down to Burberry or Hermes to get the best and most fashionable umbrella before they all sell out.

2. Pick out some extra tall rain boots

When it starts raining, the roads and streets basically transition into rivers. You'll need to be prepared for wading through some serious puddles if you plan on leaving the house.

3. On second thought, just go for a wet suit

3. Stock-up on DVDs to entertain yourself

Now that the rains are starting, you can say goodbye to your friends. Nobody ever wants to go out in the rain.

4. On the flip side, now you can use the rain as an excuse

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Whenever you want to ditch at the last minute, now you can use the weather as the perfect excuse to get out of any tedious plans.

5. Upgrade to a higher 3G package to survive the traffic jams.


As soon as the rains hit, the normally terrible traffic becomes approximately 1 million times worse. So make sure you keep your phone's 3G heavily stocked to survive those extra long commutes.

6. Get prepared to yell and scream even more in traffic


Even though your phone is there to distract you, its definitely necessary to get out of your car and curse several extra times during your commute in order to let everyone know how much the weather is negatively impacting your life.

7. Make sure to plan to start planning your trip to Faraya

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You may not actually go, but its important to discuss the topic with your friends every chance you get until the snow melts. Then you can revert to talking about how you regret that you were too busy to make it this year ... watching DVDs alone.

8. Buy the most chic snow outfit you can find

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On the chance that you actually make it up to Faraya, you'll want to be dressed your best. You wouldn't want that selfie with the ski poles to feature last year's jacket that you never actually wore.

9. Curse the rain while also being thankful for it

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We all know Lebanon has been going through a rather severe water crisis. So while you're complaining about the rain just remember in the back of your mind that you're also thankful for it. After all, everyone who lives in Lebanon is a pro at claiming it is the greatest country in the world while also cursing everything about it.

All jokes aside, winter is coming so lets make the most of it! Who wants to plan a trip to Faraya? But seriously this time ...