It's been over a month since Ramadan ended, but people are already falling into an anxiety trap for what's to come in 2030. 

Due to the fact that Ramadan moves back approximately 10 to 11 days every year, the holy month will occur twice in the same (Gregorian) calendar year in 2030. It is predicted to take place at the start of the year (Jan. 6) and then again towards the end of the year (Dec. 26). 

Though the dates are subject to change, the likelihood of two Ramadans in one year is highly probable. People have been putting it out there for many years now, but one tweet sent out recently got people talking about it yet again.

Ready? NOT

Optimists be like

At least it'll be winter Ramadan season

"Are we even going to make it to 2030?"

Countless jokes ensued

On a more serious note

The excitement is ON