When certain conversations happen on Twitter, it's only natural to see speculations arise. That's exactly what happened on Monday night when Elissa and Netflix MENA gave fans something to talk about. 

The Lebanese artist, who recently announced she'll be retiring from her music career, shared a photo of the infamous Salvador Dali mask featured in the Spanish television series La Casa De Papel (Money Heist). In what seems to be a "gift of entertainment" from Netflix, the package came with a number of *bold* references to Elissa's songs. The artist tweeted an image of the invitation card which reads:

"Something happened with the professor during the third season and left you shocked. But, stay optimistic. Because in the fourth season, you're going to be the happiest of them all."

Signed by "Beirut"

Members on the professor's team are named after cities around the world — with the exception of the professor, of course. You have Berlin, Tokyo, Rio, Helsinki, Nairobi, to name a few. And ... maybe Beirut, too?

Elissa seems to be a pretty huge fan of the show, signing her tweet "Love, Beirut," hinting at the fact that she may be an additional character on the show's upcoming fourth season. Nothing has been officially announced or confirmed, despite the fact that Netflix MENA replied to the artist's tweet with excitement. 

"I'm waiting for you, Beirut! Welcome to the gang." 

Could it be that Elissa is giving up music for acting? Or is this all some kind of publicity stunt? 

Even "La Casa de Papel" had a few words to pitch in

Mixed feelings all around

Some are excited

Others are making "3ade" references

And "tsokke" references, too

Confusion everywhere

People already began imagining things

But ... is this all new, really?

Back in July, Elissa told her fans on Twitter that she would spend her evening binge-watching the Spanish hit-series' third season.

The singer also asked her followers what city name they'd pick for themselves if they were to be on the show. She said hers would be "Beirut". At the time, La Casa De Papel replied with: "Beirut sounds great."

Less than a month - and a retirement announcement - later, she received a well-crafted gift to spark confusion around the world. 

The actor who plays the professor on the show, Álvaro Morte, confirmed that the shooting of season four has come to a wrap, which implies it should be in post-production at the moment. This means adding a whole new character is highly improbable. We don't mean to burst your bubble, but it might be too late for Elissa to be on the show. You still have time to petition for her presence in season five, though.