Images created by Hany Rady Source: Facebook

American actor Will Smith has gotten his fair share of photoshopped images depicting him as an Egyptian national. But, as of last week, these images have been replaced by real ones of Smith being as Egyptian as one can get - so Egyptian he even had his photo taken while kissing the Sphinx of Giza. 

As you've probably heard by now, Smith recently made a trip to the Gift of the Nile, before stopping by Morocco

It's safe to say that the Egyptians were beyond thrilled about the Fresh Prince's stay, as their warm messages came pouring in as soon as his visit was announced. The hashtag #Egypt_welcomes_Will_Smith was trending and photos of Smith touring Egypt's most iconic touristic sites made rounds on the interwebs.

So, what did Smith think about Egypt? "WOW!" he wrote on Facebook, "Thanks for the Love, Egypt. I shall return."

The post got over a million likes and nearly 70,000 shares at the time of writing. Many Egyptians commented on the post, praising Smith and telling him they are waiting for his next visit. 

Apart from the kind words and warm wishes, Egyptians put their humor on full display. Here are some of the funniest comments on Smith's post:

First things first ... he's "Hajj Will" now

"You've lightened up Egypt, Hajj Will"

Some people apologized for being too busy to meet up with him

"You lightened up the pyramids ya osta (M3allem), I'm sorry I couldn't meet up with you because I was invited for breakfast. Next time, just give me a call, don't worry I won't pick up. I'm waiting for you."  

"Take care of yourself my friend. I'm sorry I had work this time so I couldn't see you, but we'll make up for it next time habibi, ya 3am (uncle) Will."

Hajj Will, next time bring Angelina Jolie with you!

Your entire family is welcome too

"I swear by God's holy book, you've lightened up the country, Hajj Will. Next time, bring your kids and their mother. I wanted to send a bag of subsidized sugar with you ... this is like your home". 

Bro our economy is struggling, where are our goodies?

"You're very welcome here, have a safe flight but next time, don't come empty handed, get us something with you because we are very poor. Take care Abu John." 

Will is American, so this guy adressed him in English ... using Arabic letters

"Welcome uncle Will in Egypt" 

It's all about mahshi, koshari and mloukhiya

"You came to Giza without trying Halawa's Koshari? So, this visit doesn't really count!"

Some cynicism ensued

You're always welcome in Om El Donya, Hajj Will!