Will Smith has been around many parts of the Arab world ... with the most recent being a trip to Egypt

Although the Egyptian visit grabbed a lot of media attention, it wasn't the only place in North Africa the actor stopped by in the past few days.

The Fresh Prince also visited Morocco - where he really got his groove on to some north African beats. 

In a video that's been making the rounds online, Smith moved his hips to a Gnawa group playing the qraqab, a catanet-like instrument. 

He also wore a sheshia, a hat worn by Gnawa performers. 

The Gnawa people originate from West Africa, but are now a part of the Sufi order of Morocco.  

That's not all Smith did when he was there. 

The Independence Day star made sure to visit the Moroccan artists' residence Al Maqam, located in the village of Tahanaout.

The residence is home to famed Moroccan painter and novelist Mahi Binebine, who painted large studio panels while there five years ago.

Yup, Smith also embraced the colorful Moroccan spirit!