It's finally happening. The machines are rising up and the end is nigh ... 

OK, I may be overreacting. It's just something futuristic happening in Dubai, again. 

By the end of this year, robots will be everywhere you look in the emirate, when you're driving, in the classroom ...  And it's only the beginning.

Here's a closer look.

Robot Cops will be on patrol

Wouldn't you just love to see that knocking at your car window at night? Source: Gulf News

The UAE's first Robot Cop (no, not like the movie RoboCop) is set to join the Dubai Police by May, and they will make up 25 percent of the force by 2030. 

Brigadier Abdullah Bin Sultan, Director of the Future Shaping Centre of Dubai Police, announced the ambitious target at the 11 Best Police Practices Forum held in Dubai. 

Bin Sultan also said: "By 2025, Dubai will be one of the best five cities in the world on security level," according to Gulf News.

Robot Teaching Assistants are coming to the classroom

By the end of this year, robots will be teaching and helping students across schools in the UAE, according to a tech firm called ATLAB

Arabian Business reports that ATLAB TeachAssist will start off in Dubai and the UAE. But the plan is to implement the technology in the rest of the GCC by the end of 2017.

The robots will have a humanized design, and will have more than 60 sensors providing 360-degree wrap-around perception. Yup, that's right, there isn't even a chance of cheating. 

To be even more Jetson-like, the robot will be equipped with an HD laser projector, for videos and presentations at 720p resolution.

Robot Bus Network will be taking you where you need to go

Source: The National

I mean, if you've got driverless cabs, and you'll soon be having driverless flying cars, the next logical step is a driverless bus network. 

The robot bus network was designed by the same company that created the driverless pods in Abu Dhabi, and the network is to connect the Bluewaters Island to the Dubai metro, according to the National

The system will be capable of carrying 24 passengers each ride. It will be operational for 20 hours every day.

Robots don't need to sleep, you know? 

The network is due to be operational by late 2018, or early 2019 at the latest. 

Should we be afraid?

If robots are becoming cab drivers, policemen and teachers, who's to say what the next humanoid to be replaced will be?

Soon, your friendly neighbors, your family and your friends could all be robots. Be afraid, be very afraid!

JK. It's going to be fine ... probably.