Lindsay Lohan shared a Ramadan message to mark the start of the holy month, and many are responding with happiness.

Posting to Instagram and Twitter, the American celebrity shared a photo of herself in a long white dress with a red floral print. She included the hashtag "Happy Ramadan".

Ever since 2015, when the Mean Girls star was spotted carrying a Quran, international media and fans have been speculating about Lohan's relationship with Islam. Since then, the actress has been spending a lot of time in the Middle East, hanging out with Muslim friends and leaders, volunteering with refugees and occasionally wearing a hijab.

Although Lohan said she has not converted to Islam, she told a Kuwaiti interviewer in February that she found "solace" in the Muslim holy book.

During the same interview, Lohan revealed that she once tried fasting for three days of Ramadan. 

"It was hard but it was good. It felt good,” she said.

Of course, many are wondering, will Lohan be fasting this Ramadan? Whether or not she does, fans are excited that she remembered the start of the holy month.

Fans are warmly returning the greeting

Some hope Lohan will join them in fasting

Some just assume she's fasting

And some are asking for early Eid presents ...