You may have heard about a new comedy series currently filming  in Dubai. Although it's in English, it's not just another Hollywood production utilizing the UAE's cityscape and deserts as a backdrop. This is show about expats living the highlife in the Middle East's most lavish city.

Focusing on three women played by Laura Quirke, Mylène Gomera, and Dalia Sharawi, the new series is the brainchild of Jordanian Naim Zaboura, a graduate of the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi. Here is what we know about the show.

The series is called "D-City" but we're trying not to judge the name too harshly.

Zaboura, Quirke and Gomera originally funded the series and intended to release it online as webisodes.

But Arab Telemedia Group in Jordan got excited about the concept and picked it up as a 30-episode TV series.

The main characters are an American real-estate company owner (Gomera), an Australian office manager (Quirke) and a Jordanian-Lebanese socialite living off her father’s money (Sharawi).

From the title of the pilot episode, "Date Me Out of Here" we assume the series will be largely about the woman's romantic encounters.

Maybe "Sex in the City" style?

"The beauty of Dubai is that there isn’t just a majority of expats, but they come with a large baggage of culture, which they then share with others here," Quirke told The National .

Zabboura said he was "so frustrated waiting for someone to believe in English-language programming in the Middle East" that he simply decided to do something about it.

In the end, it seems like his ambitious idea paid off.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until next Ramadan to see if the series is actually worthwhile.

But we definitely think the idea has potential. Crossing our fingers.